Internet & Voice

Business Broadband

We understand data is the life-blood of your business. This is why we’ve built our very own dedicated business broadband network to deliver responsive and reliable connectivity for everything the cloud enables.

We’re National

Our dedicated business broadband is available anywhere there’s fibre, copper, or fixed cellular coverage.

Dedicated Backhaul

We’ve built our network with performance and resiliency in mind. Multiple points of presence maximises uptime and traffic routing for quicker service.

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Private Network & WAN

Increasingly, NZ businesses are spending more time away from the desk but still need to stay connected to vital services. You may have begun your digital transformation in moving services to the cloud, but if your business has multiple locations with onsite services – you may still need a secure private network.

Seamless Connectivity

From any device, in any location, on any connection. Your teams remain connected to your business and vital services.

Low-Cost Deployment

The days of legacy VPN’s are numbered. The cloud enables fast deployment without costly configuration or installation. Pop-up sites are now a matter of click, ship, and deploy.

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Fail-Over Connectivity

Resiliency is often an after-thought. You can mitigate risk in all elements of business, but a cable-cut or natural disaster can cripple your operations even with the best backup contingency plan. A secondary or tertiary connection can be stand-alone, on-demand, or paired with automatic-failover.

One is reality. Two is sanity.

What’s better than one fibre cable? Two completely independent fibre cables, a copper cable, and mobile connection. One redundant connection or more, you choose.

Fixed Wireless

Thanks to New Zealand’s extensive mobile network infrastructure, we enjoy some of the best mobile data speeds in the world, enabling continued accessibility to your critical business services.

Automatic Fail-Over

Automatic detection of your primary connection failing ensures a seamless automatic fail-over to a secondary connection, so your voice lines and hosted services keep running.

Digital Voice Lines

New Zealand’s copper infrastructure is aging, become too costly to maintain and Chorus have committed to begin withdrawing copper services from 2020. Digital Voice over your internet connection provides savings and increased reliability.

Cost Savings

With no physical line, Digital Voice can be delivered at a fraction of the cost of a traditional line, with no loss of functionality or quality.


Whether you need 1 or 10, voice over the cloud means you’re not limited by legacy infrastructure. In most cases, adding or removing a line requires no site-visit and can be completed in days, not weeks.

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Hybrid/Cloud PBX

Remember that piece of metal your telephone guy mounted on your wall, and 3 years on refuses to support? So do we. Hosting your PBX in the cloud reduces capital outlay and costly maintenance and administration, increases reliability, and provides an easy to use platform for what should be the most simple and vital aspect of your business – communicating.


Your staff work differently. Whether it’s phones on desks or a Softphone on their devices, you have the freedom to mix and match to suit.


Adding, removing, and changing users’ extensions is as easy as copy+paste. Self-deployment gets a new user up and running in minutes, with support available if you need it.

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