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Digital Transformation

Customer expectations are higher than ever before, spoilt for choice they expect a slick experience and to interact on their terms, through any medium, on any device. If you feel like you’re losing the competitive edge in your market – you’re not alone.

Digital Transformation is the journey of connected intermediary goals, striving for continuous optimisation across all business functions, one bite at a time.  A digital transformation strategy aims to leverage the opportunities realised through new technologies and maximise their impact to be faster and better. 

Whether your plan is growth or sustainability, a band-aid or long-term strategy, we’re here to support you, your journey, and how you do business

Join the Dots

Let us join the dots with your people, systems, processes and technology.


Our name says it all. One in uniformity and harmony with your business.

Our Partners


Outsourced Internal IT Placement

Ever tried advertising a 3 or 6 month fixed term contract? Then you’ll know it takes almost just as long to find the right candidate, let-alone someone who is prepared to take up such a short-term opportunity. Use our experienced engineers, on site, part or full time, as one of your own team to fulfil projects or short-term requirements.

Meet our Team

Tell us your requirements and we’ll introduce you to the best-fit candidates with the skills and experience you desire.

Your Business, Your Rules

Our staff are your staff. Our team report-in and fulfil the same duties and house-rules the same as your existing team members.

Operational Excellence

Because of our high standards in vetting and our hand-picking of technical experts, we’ve done the due-diligence for you. Expect professionalism and results.

Security Consultancy

Coming Soon…

Disaster Recovery & BCP

Which single service in your business is the most important? What happens when that service is unavailable? How much revenue do you lose every hour? If there’s a natural disaster and you can’t enter your premises – will your business survive, or cease being able to trade? These are the questions we ask and put a plan in place to mitigate and eliminate this risk to your business.

One is reality. Two is sanity.

Having the tools and resources required to operate is the minimum. A sound backup contingency plan is best-practice. We analyse every corner of your business to ensure your mission-critical services go unaffected when disaster strikes.

It doesn’t have to cost

Redundant services are often priced lower than primary services due to largely sitting unutilised. Weighing up the cost of not being able to trade in an unforeseen event, you’ll have the data to make informed decisions on the level of contingency that fits your investment vs risk budget.

What we look at

  • Reliance on Communication services.
  • How the Cloud empowers your teams to work anywhere.
  • On premise hosted services.
  • Reliance on Data Connectivity
  • Automatic or Manual fail-over & testing.
  • Post-event Restoration

Virtual CTO/CIO

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